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What we're doing to protect employees and customers from COVID-19

Greenwired has been approved by the County of Humboldt to be open at this time, allowing us to continue to be available to our customers and community. In order to protect employees and customers, as well as staying in compliance with the order, we are adjusting our business policies. We do ask that you help us keep our employees (and you!) safe by following the below protocols;

🖖 Maintain proper social distance at all times

☎️ If you need to discuss systems / issues / etc, PLEASE CALL US. You can keep yourself (and our employees) safe by minimizing in-person interaction... you can also save yourself a trip by making sure we have what you need in stock.

💨 If for any reason you HAVE to discuss something in person, we encourage you to have those discussions outside the warehouse door (weather permitting) - airflow helps protect us all from the virus.

🚶‍♂️ If you need to come in the shop to pay, we ask that you go around the building to get from the warehouse to the shop (or vice versa) rather than walking through the space.

😷 We have installed a plexiglass "sneeze guard" in front of our register, and ask that you stand behind the plexiglass - for your safety as well as ours!

👨‍🔬 Our employees will also be sterilizing the counter after each customer transaction

And of course, if you feel like you might be getting sick, STAY HOME. If someone you've been in contact with starts to show symptoms, STAY HOME.

We know these are difficult times, and the steps necessary to keep everyone safe can seem a little tedious... but we all know someone at high risk, and helping each other stay safe will quite literally save lives 🚑

Thank you for doing your part 

Installation and On-site Maintenance Services;

We will continue providing installation and maintenance of Solar Energy Systems. The good news is that the installation and service of solar systems does not involve significant direct personal interaction, and as such is not a high-risk activity for transmission of COVID-19.  However, out of caution we have instituted best practices as outlined below;

  • Before coming to your property, we will contact you to confirm that you are comfortable with us being there.
  • We have instructed team members to stay home if at any time they are not feeling well, have recently traveled, or have been in contact with someone with these characteristics, until the threat has subsided.
  • We are using a disinfectant to wipe down any user-serviceable equipment we come in contact with. Generally, this is your inverter, meter, and disconnect, which are typically mounted either outside or in the garage

In addition to these precautions, we ask that you adhere to the following;

  • Please limit physical interactions with the service team. At the start of the service work, your service technician lead will identify and introduce himself, but please know that we’re taking a break from shaking hands. Your lead will go over the plan, but if you have questions during the installation, please refrain from interacting with team members other than your lead technician. All team members will attempt to keep a 6+ foot distance from you and your family, and we ask that you do the same.
  • We HIGHLY encourage the use of phones for all possible communication.
  • In between now and your scheduled service work, if you get any information that yourself or a family member has been exposed to the virus, please contact us immediately.  We will postpone the indoor aspects of your installation to a safe time in the future at no charge to you.

We thank you for helping us serve you in the safest way possible during these very difficult times. Stay safe, and wash your hands! 😉


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